Sajith vows to throw away neo-liberalism

It is necessary to create an economic system where the wealth that is generated within the country is fairly distributed to all communities, stated the Minister of Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs.

He mentioned this addressing a function held in Dimbulagala, Polonnaruwa.

According to the Minister, 54% of the national income is enjoyed by the wealthy minority in the country while the poorest 20% of the country only receives 5-4% of the national income.

Stating that there should be a great revolution in the economic pattern of the country, Premadasa says that there is no room for neo-liberalism in the rural majority of the country.

He questions what would happen to the hundreds of farmers or 95% of the country if neo-liberalism is carried out in the country.

Premadasa stated that he will in the near future throw aside neo-liberal ideals and create a mixed economy that prioritizes entrepreneurship.

He added that he would create a just economic system where the wealth generated from such an economy would be fairly distributed among all people in the country.

He would not let the market forces alone rule the country and destroy it, concluded Premadasa.

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