Navy holds four over illegally catching sea cucumber

Sri Lanka Navy held four persons who engaged in illegal catching of sea cucumber at night, during a patrol carried out at the Palleimunai beach area in Mannar today (12).

Keeping with Sri Lanka Navy’s efforts to restrain illegal fishing in the country’s territorial waters, a raid was carried out aiming Palleimunaibeach area in Mannar.

During the raid, a suspicious boat was inspected and 350 Sea Cucumbers were discovered onboard.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the fishermen had conducted poaching at night and since the permits are not issued for night time.

The suspects have been apprehended identified as residents of Mannar, Pallimunai and Vankalai areas aged 33, 36 and 50, stated Sri Lanka Navy.

Two dinghies, 02 OBMs, 350 Nos. of illegally caught sea cucumbers were also seized by the Navy during the raid.

The apprehended persons along with the dinghies, OBMs, stock of sea cucumber and other fishing gears were handed over to the Inspector of Fisheries-Mannar for further investigation.

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