Country should be brought under one common law – Rathana Thero

The President should use his executive powers to bring the whole country under one law, states UNP MP Athuraliye Rathana Thero.

The Thero mentioned this speaking to the media personnel in Kandy, today (09).

According to him, there are many steps that the government should take regarding the Muslim extremism that is prevailing in the country.

“The first step is ‘one country, one law’. One education policy. Preventing land acquisition by using arbitrary means of public power. An environment policy that protects the environment”, said Thero.

An education system should be built to send children to a common school system in the country, states the Thero.

“I hope all races would become one force and will stand up to defeat this extremism”, added Thero.

The Thero further speaking stated that he is sending out an open invitation to all Muslims who are against extremism to join with the common community.

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