Jobs, development, women safety among first-time voters’ concerns!!

Jobs and development seemed to be the top priorities for many first-time voters who queued up at various polling booths across Delhi to cast their votes in the Delhi Assembly polls today.

Among the first-time voters, who reportedly exercised their franchise today, were Delhi chief minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal’s son Pulkit Kejriwal, top Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s son Raihan, and senior Delhi Congress leader Ajay Maken’s son Aujaswi Maken.

Taking to Twitter, Kejriwal said: “Voted along with my family, including my first-time voter son. Urge all young voters to come out to vote. Your participation strengthens democracy.”

A first-time voter Amardeep, a student at IP University, said that whichever government comes to power should make “employment” a priority.

“Jobs are a priority of the hour. We need employment ~ that is the need right now. We cannot see any opportunities for us. We need someone who can give students employment. Apart from that, security is another major issue which should be a concern,” said Amardeep, who cast his vote at Ashok Vihar.

Another first-time voter Samiksha Sood, who cast her vote at Kalyan Vihar, said, “I will not vote on the basis of Shaheen Bagh or Pakistan. I will vote on the basis of employment and development. We need a government which works on these issues and not just on vague things. Safety and security are also among key issues.”

Aishwarya Loomba, another first-time voter, said women safety must be a priority on the agendas of our governments and leaders.

“Our government should work on women safety. Students face a lack of safety on a daily basis and it needs to be urgently addressed. Secondly, the unemployment rate should decline. Employment opportunities for people like us should be generated,” she said.

Another student, Mohammad Riyaan, who exercised his franchise at Shaheen Public School, said, “Employment in the last five years has just declined sharply. Those who had jobs have also got unemployed due to the cost-cutting and economic crisis. So, for me, employment is a major issue and concern. A government which can provide jobs to people deserves to be here.”

Kejriwal’s son Pulkit reportedly said he felt good after voting for the first time. When asked if his father will be the CM again, he said whoever people choose will become the CM.

Priyanka’s son Raihan was quoted as saying that public transport should be more affordable for students.

The polling for the 70 constituencies of the Delhi Assembly took place today amid tight security. The votes will be counted on 11 February.

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