Police, STF officers to be reinstated

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal made by State Minister of Defence Chamal Rajapaksa to reinstate the Police officers of the Sri Lanka Police and the Special Task Force who were issued vacation of post orders back in the service, Co-cabinet Spokesperson Information & Communications Technology, Higher Education, and Technology & Innovations Minister Dr. Minister Bandula Gunawardena said.

Addressing the Weekly Cabinet media briefing held at the Government Information Department yesterday, the Minister said that around 5,987 such Police officers had been issued vacation of post orders due to minor offenses.

“Police officers below the age of 50 and who worked in the Northern and Eastern Provinces for A minimum one year period will be entitled to for this program,” the Minister said.

He said that a considerable number of vacancies are available in the Department of Police at present while a considerable time and a huge cost for is required training for their training after new reinforcements for the existing vacancies.

“Therefore, it has been brought to the attention that a considerable number of personnel can be re- engaged in service within a short period by following an appropriate methodology for enrolling the experienced officers who have obtained Police fundamental training yet have received vacation of post notices due to various circumstances at the moment,” Minister Dr.Gunawardena said.

Therefore, the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers has been granted to appoint a committee comprising an officer for re–considering by following a formal and transparent process on the appeals of the officers experiences, rejection of appeals for re-instate in service due to non–submission of their appeals in time, as well as to reinstate the officers who vacated their posts obtaining the approval of the relevant officers based on the recommendations of the said committee.

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