Kerala: School denies admission to child after parents didn’t fill caste, religious column!!

Kerala: School denies admission to child after parents didn’t fill caste, religious column

A government-aided school allegedly denied admission to a child stating that his parents did not fill the caste and religion columns during the admission process.

The education department and the education minister have initiated an inquiry into the matter.

Nazeem and Dhanya, who were seeking admission for their son at St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Pattom said they want to raise their child without any religious boundaries which is the reason why they did not fill religion and caste column.
“On February 19, when we reached the school for admission procedures of our child for the first grade we were asked why we have left the columns vacant. When we explained our part, the school management was adamant that only if we fill the religion and caste column, our child will be given admission,” Dhanya told ANI.

“First, we were told that the admission process takes place through an app called Sampoorna in which school authorities cannot leave the column vacant,” she said.

She said that education department has told them that there is no technical issue regarding leaving columns vacant.

“When we conveyed it to school authorities they told us they will give admission to the child if we give an affidavit in writing stating that we don’t wish to fill the columns. We did not want to do it and chose to opt-out,” Dhanya said.

The school management said that it is unfortunate that such an unwanted controversy is taking place.

“Many of the benefits provided by the government is based on religion, a reason why we insisted on filling the column. We asked the parents to file the affidavit if in future such benefits are denied to the student it will be their sole responsibility. Also, school local manager had contacted the parents saying there are no issues regarding the admission to their ward,” the school management said in a statement.

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