Arvind Swami shares important video explaining social distancing to escape COVID 19!!

The novel COVID 19 aka coronavirus is starting to gain momentum in India with the affected list going towards 200 with 4 deaths confirmed at the time of this writing.

However the Indian and especially the Tamil Nadu government is proactive in taking measures to curb the spread and so far are successful as well.

Social distancing is the name of the game right now with the general advice to stay home as much as possible and wait for the worst to be over.

Actor Arvind Swami has shared a video in which the importance of social distancing is explained graphically in simple terms that any layman can understand and will be inspired to follow.

The video goes into detail that the healthy ones who contract the virus may not become sick but by mingling with others would surely pass it on to those who are weak and might need to be hospitalized.

The terrifying scenario is that when more people get infected it would then become difficult to treat them and unnecessary loss of life could occur due to coronavirus and well as other ailments as even those patients would not get treatment in time.

Arvind Swami has truly given the public a much-needed video to watch repeatedly and also share which could do the society a lot of good in combatting and even besting the COVID19

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