COVID-19 Doctor Has Tea With Family From A Distance, Wins Hearts!!

Dr Sudhir having tea with his family Dr Sudhir Dehariya the CMHO (Chief Medical Health Officer) of Bhopal returns home after a five-day shift. Not to rest, but to have a quick chai with his family, and return to duty.

What won over the internet, was the way he did it. To protect his family from the COVID-19 virus, the doctor sits at a distance from his wife and children. Charudutt Aditya describes the scene in his Facebook post.

“This is Dr. Sudhir Dehariya the CMHO of Bhopal. (Chief Medical Health Officer). After 5 days & nights of non-stop battle against the virus in hospitals across the city, this soldier came home to say a quick hi to his family (from a distance) and have a cup of home made chai, only to head back to the battle field minutes later. Yeh hoti hai hero ki entry.”

One picture does speak a thousand words. Especially to those who have an inkling of the situation on the ground faced by the doctors and healthcare professionals.

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