Lemon juice, ginger, garlic increase immunity against coronavirus? Know what doctors have to say!!

Lemon juice, ginger, garlic increase immunity against coronavirus? Know what doctors have to say

All over the world, there’s one problem that has been taking over and it’s the novel coronavirus which began from China’s Wuhan city.

PM Narendra Modi, in order to curb the further spread of the infection, ordered a complete lockdown of 21 days in the country.

This is the reason why people are sitting back at home and surfing the internet and exchanging messages and videos that have been coming over on various platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. However, not all the things we see on these videos are true and give false information.

So it becomes necessary for everyone to keep a check on if they are following the right thing or not. In the same way, various messages related to an increase in immunity have been passing on that claim taking a certain type of diet or food we take help in keeping coronavirus away.

Is it true? India TV brings a special segment where doctors and dieticians reveal the reality behind these myths that are being spread online about food items increasing immunity:

Drinking tea/coffee kills the virus of corona?

Doctors answer this question and reveal that the medicinal tea does not build up the immunity in a day. A disciplined activity including proper diet and sleep slowly and steadily forms strong immunity in your body.

There have been a bombarding of information related to the same on social media which has been given the name of infodemics due to which it is having wrong impact on people.

Frequently taking lukewarm fluids helps in flushing down the virus from the throat and lungs which can be helpful but blindly trusting that it will keep you away from the coronavirus is wrong.

Does bitter gourd juice help in keeping the infection of coronavirus away?

Doctors say that only research will tell which type of food can kill coronavirus. But it is for sure that drinking the juice is helpful for diabetic patients as it helps in maintaining the sugar level. However, there is no proof that it will help in keeping the virus at bay.

Is working out helpful in keeping coronavirus away?

Experts reveal how one doing workout or yoga increases the blood circulation, digestion, and bio-rhythm of the body. Bad habits like sleeping late can give you a defeated feeling. Secondly, there are various asanas that can be done to keep our spleen healthy which plays a major role in cleaning the infection, and viruses in our body.

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