COVID–19 Fund’s balance increases to Rs 822 million

With corporate and individual donations and direct donations, the COVID – 19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund‘s balance has now surpassed Rs. 822 million, according to the President’s Media Division.

The donations made to the fund were from the Chief Prelate in Singapore Ven. Bellanwila Dhammarathana Thero (Rs. 5 million), Chief Prelate in USA Ven. Maharagama Dhammasiri Thero (Rs. 5 million), Chief Prelate in France Ven. Parawahera Chandrarathana Thero (Rs. 1 million), Chief Incumbent of Geneva International Buddhist Temple in Switzerland Ven. Dr. Thawalama Dhammika Thero and Viharadhikari Ven. Halwitigala Sujatha Thero (Rs. 1 million), Chief Incumbent of Baudhdhayathanaya in Mount Lavinia Ven. Divigaha Yasassi Thero (Rs. 1 million), Chief Incumbent of Samadhi Vihara in Chirency, Italy Ven. Dombadeniye Nandasiri Thero (Rs. 200,000).

Also, Rs. 05 million was donated by Mr. C. J. Wickramarathna while Marine One donated Rs. 1 million, Marina Food (Pvt) Limited and Sri Lanka Heart Association donated Rs. 5 million each while Road Transport Services Authority (Rs. 500,000), Mr. A. Amarasinghe (Rs. 100,000) and Mr. P. D. Dharmawardene (Rs. 50,000) had also made donations.

The donations made to the fund today were Rs. 2 million by State Timber Corporation, Rs. 200,000 by Arthur C. Clarke Institute, Rs. 830,000 by Association of Old Anandians in the United Kingdom, Rs. 1.2 million by Xinda Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Rs. 500,000 each by the Institute of Valuers of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Institute of Architects, Rs. 5 million by Western Province Provincial Road Development Authority, Rs. 10 million by Vehicle Importer’s Association of Sri Lanka, Rs. 2 million by Sri Lanka Customs, Rs. One million by Ceylon Teachers’ Service Union, Rs. 150,000 by Sri Lanka Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industry, Rs. 8.6 million by Ministry Of Roads & Highways and Road development Authority, Rs. 223,000 by Ministry of Environment and Wildlife Resources, Rs. one million by Central Environment Authority, Rs. Two million by Geological Survey and Mines Bureau, Rs. 250,000 by Marine Environment Protection Authority, Rs. 271,000 by Plantation Human Development Trust, Rs. 600,000 by Ministry of Social Empowerment and Infrastructure Development.

All the donations will be credited to the special account opened under the number 85737373 at the Corporate Branch of the Bank of Ceylon. Local as well as foreign donors have made their contributions to the Fund. Donations to COVID – 19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund have been exempted from taxes and foreign exchange regulations.

Deposits can be made through cheques or telegraphic transfers.
Further details can be obtained from Mr. K.B. Egodawele, Director General (Administration) of the Presidential Secretariat through the telephone number 011 – 2354479 / 011 – 2354354.

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