Veluppillai Pirabaharan – The first and the last to happen in history

A character like Veluppillai Pirabaharan happens as a rarity in history. Many great revolutionaries, leaders and philosophers of the world will have some kind of a continuity. They would be identified and defined in history as representing any one of the above.
But Veluppillai Pirabaharan is an admixture of everything and yet he stands exclusive and tall.
The historic figure of Veluppillai Pirabaharan had no precedence. There may not be one in the
future. It was history’s unique moment. It would happen just once in history and it did happen.
His role has made him the centrifugal force where all the races that have waged their unrelenting
struggle gather around him.
Like the planets revolve around the Sun in our solar system, every race that is subjugated and
wanted to break free will take cues from this centrifugal force. As a mark of respect, the Tamils aptly called him “Surya Devan”.
Even when the adversaries were fully present, the water at Nandikadal flowed with its usual brisk
and pride. That is its nature.
It is not the pride of Nandikadal – It is the pride of our race.
The days are not far off when “Pirabaharaniyam” will shine with permanent pride and insubordination.
The colossal river of liberation that originated at Valvetithurai reached the shores of Nandikadal. It
will now flow through the streets of Kabul and Quebec, Darfur and Dakar, Aleppo and Al Manama,
and Barcelona and Baku.
It will flow with such a force that it will smash the world order devised by the occupiers, oppressors,
and their small men.
The world will record the event as “Pirabaharaniyam”.

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