Nelson Mandela – Fidel Castro – Veluppillai Pirabaharan.

If the strategies are against the will of the western world, any struggle is termed “terrorism”. If the strategies, on the contrary, are aligned with those of the western world, the struggle is termed “movement for liberation”.

This is the brief story of how Mandela who was once termed extremist, is now called a liberator.

The reason why Pirabaharan was always an extremist was because he never aligned his struggle with the western world and refused to toe their lines. He rather contemplated to change the existing world order.

Castro too did not succumb to the arm twisting tactics of the western world. He attempted to create a new international dialogue.

But Castro’s sole agenda of opposing the international powers failed spectacularly when in fact the very powers he opposed, ganged up, to put down the uprisings of the subjugated races in the garb of opposing “smaller governments” that are against the established world order. Tamil Eezham is witness to that blunder in contemporary history.

It is at this juncture, Nandikadal comes to occupy a central place. The blunders of Mandela’s and Castro’s doctrines, and many other doctrines that emerged and got razed, opens up a remarkable front for the subjugated races at Nandikadal.

This is the basis upon which Veluppillai Pirabaharan comes to be placed next to the likes of Mandela, Ho Chi Minh, Yasser Arafat and other notable global revolutionaries.

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