Employees protest against Neville Fernando Hospital administration

The Inter Company Employees Union of Neville Fernando Hospital has led a protest today (13) stating that their increments and promotions were completely halted for over three years.

The protestors have said, the hospital administration was notified several times regarding the issues faced by the employees. The Inter Company Employees Union, on behalf of its employees, had previously requested for a discussion with the hospital administration, however, the request has not been heeded.

The protestors claim that a Cabinet-approved board of management, on 22nf of July 2017, had declared the Neville Fernando Hospital as a government hospital under the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine.

A Cabinet memorandum dated 1st of August 2017 had approved estimated Rs 200 million for monthly maintenance of the hospital, as well as Rs 50 million from the Treasury for the Medical Supplies Division of the Health Ministry to purchase medicinal drugs and other supplies required for the Neville Fernando Hospital from August 1st of 2017 to December 31st of 2017.

They stated that the Secretary to the Health Ministry Wasantha Perera, testifying before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry on May 30th, had stated that the Neville Fernando Hospital is not legally administered under the government but it is funded by state funds. The protestors said that she had admitted that the ownership of the hospital has been assigned to the SAITM for 10 years and if the hospital is to be taken over by the government, it should be done following the end of the said time period of 10 years.

Accordingly, the protestors have made nine demands from the hospital administration including their job security, promotions, annual increments, uniforms and office transport facilities for employees.

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