I didn’t become Asia’s Best Finance Minister by sitting idly – Ravi

Power and Energy Minister Ravi Karunanayake says that Sri Lanka would not be facing the issues it is currently burdened with if the process initiated by him as the Minister of Finance had been continued and that he did not become Asia’s Best Finance Minister by just idling.

Responding to questions from reporters following an event in Colombo today (14), the minister said that not only him, but even his wife and children had been subjected to great injustices in the face of the allegations leveled against him with regard to the central bank ‘Bond Scam’.

Karunanayake said that they were unfairly accused and claimed it was an attempt by ‘hypocritical politicians’ to get rid of ‘working politicians’. “Those in our party contributed to this the most.”

The minister said that he is grateful to god and the people of the country for providing an opportunity for him to show his innocence.

“There are a few black sheep in my party. This is a good lesson for them,” Karunanayake said.

The minister added that he regrets only one thing and that is the country would not be having issues like today if the process carried out by him after assuming duties as the Finance Minister had been continued onwards.

Karunanayake said he is proud to say that he didn’t become Asia’s Best Finance Minister by just sitting idly by and that he became that by working for hours on end and making the innocent public victorious.

The minister challenged those holding the same office now to try and replicate what he did then exactly int he same manner. “If not, hand it over to those who can.”

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