Bigg Boss informs Vanitha Vijayakumar about the police complaint lodged against her

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 3, Cheran, being the captain of the cleaning team, gets uncomfortable when Vanitha Vijayakumar interferes in his work and starts criticising.

Cheran asks her to inform Mohan Vaidya (captain of the house) regarding any complaint. Mohan requests the housemates to address the issues to him, so that he can find solutions suitably.

In front of Losliya Mariyanesan and Sakshi Agarwal, Kavin discloses that he likes both of them. Losliya too confesses that she likes Kavin’s way of talking but nothing more than that.

Fathima Babu is asked to teach others how to be a good news reader. The housemates enjoy the session.

Sakshi tells Sherin Shringar how Kavin got upset because of her newfound closeness with Mugen. Sherin tells Sakshi that a new relationship is blooming between her (Sakshi) and Kavin. She asks Sakshi to talk to Abhirami regarding this

Bigg Boss calls Vanitha into the confession room (on day 11 at 11 am) and says that few people have come to meet her. She is informed about the legal proceedings about the police case involving her daughter. She is informed about the police case lodged against her. Vanitha shares these updates to Reshma.

Sandy master conveys his desire to see some fights in the house and asks for the same to housemates. Sandy makes fun of Meera Mitun that even during the earlier fight in the house, she was pretending to be asleep to safeguard herself from the fights.

Bigg Boss instructs that Sandy’s team (Swan team) to get ready for the next task. Sandy and Madhumitha are selected to perform the task and Fathima Babu is asked to read the instructions to them.

Sandy and Madhumitha are asked to pick the coins with varied values kept inside the sand. They get 590 points out of the total of 1000 points.

Sakshi, Sherin and Abhirami try to find out who is leaking their discussions to others.

The male housemates are given a task named Avvaishanmugi by Bigg Boss, which involves role reversal. The male housemates are asked to choose one female housemates and enact their actions.

The male housemates get ready with the costumes of the female housemates, whom they would imitate. Even as the male housemates like Kavin, Saravanan, Sandy and others get ready and rehearse.

Laughter riots erupt in the house when the male housemates perform the Avvaishanmugi task. Tharshan Thiyagarajah is selected as the winner and Saravanan becomes the runner up of this task.

Later, on request from the housemates, Madhumitha imitates Mohan and takes a dig at him. Earlier, Mohan imitated Madhumitha during the Avvaishanmugi task.

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