Factions within UNP working on their own agendas – Mano

A controversial situation has unfolded within the United National Party (UNP) over selecting the candidate for the upcoming presidential election, says the Minister of National Integration, Official Languages, Social Progress and Hindu Religious Affairs Mano Ganesan.

The minister stated this speaking to the media following a sports event held in Colombo.

Factions within the party have been formed and they are working on their own agendas, Minister Ganesan commented.

This controversial situation was apparent within the Sri Lanka Freedom Party which later resulted in the formation of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, however, the UNP leaders must make certain that the party does undergo such disunions, the minister emphasized.

If the UNP would not be able to gain any victory of the party contest the presidential election amidst disputes from within, Minister Ganesan stressed.

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