Not all passengers to UAE can carry 40kgs, Air India clarifies

increased to 40kg from 30 kg,” Air India spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar said in a statement

Kumar said the free 10kg extra baggage allowance will be in force “until further notice.”

He also made it clear that the extra baggage is not applicable to passengers on other flights including the new Kolkata-Dubai flight. “No such decision has been taken for Kolkata-Dubai flight.”

An Indian news agency first quoted Lohani, who was in Dubai for the launch of Indore-Dubai and Kolkata-Dubai flights, as saying that the national carrier had raised the baggage limit by 10kg on flights from India to the UAE as per public demand.

Later, a section of the media in the UAE and India also reported the same saying all passengers from India bound to UAE airports will be able to carry 40kg baggage.

Madhya Pradesh’s commercial capital Indore on Monday made it to the international aviation map when Air India launched a direct flight service to Dubai.

Dubai-Indore flights will operate thrice a week, on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

The Kolkata service to Dubai started on Tuesday. Dubai-Kolkata flights operate on four days a week -Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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