Sri Lanka President threatens to boycott cabinet meetings if PSC continues the probe into Easter Sunday attacks – report

June 08, Colombo: Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena has reportedly threatened not to support the government if the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) appointed to probe the Easter Sunday attacks continues to function with no regard to the National Intelligence Service and national security.

According to government sources, Sinhala daily Lankadeepa reported that at an emergency cabinet meeting held on Friday night, the President has said that if the PSC continues to act in this manner, he will not participate in cabinet meetings or support any activities of the government.

The President has strongly condemned the conduct of the special select committee appointed to look into the Easter Sunday attacks and also accused the PSC of violating the Official Secrets Act.

The President has said that the summoning intelligence officers to the PSC to testify and questioning them in the presence of the media is a serious threat to the intelligence service and to the national security.

The President has noted that the Attorney General has informed that the proceedings of the PSC is a hindrance to the five ongoing cases in the Supreme Court on the Easter Sunday bombings and although the AG’s report has been directed to the Speaker, no response has been received yet.

Reportedly, the President has said that if the PSC continues in this manner, he will not support the government’s work and he will only continue his work as President.

Several ministers at the meeting have said that the activities of the PSC are being conducted in a manner that would not hinder national security or national intelligence services.

The ministers have stated that during witness inquiry the matters that affect National Security are not open to the media.

It was reported that the emergency cabinet meeting summoned by President Maithripala Sirisena Friday evening (07) went on over an hour.

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