New salary structure for Postal Department

The Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval to implement a new salary structure for the Department of Posts.

The relevant salary structure was presented to the Cabinet of Ministers earlier and President Maithripala Sirisena had directed them to seek the recommendations of the Special Commission appointed to make recommendations to rectify the existing salary anomalies in Public Service.

The Special Salaries Commission is the main body that presents recommendations to rectify the existing salary anomalies in the entire public service including railway, postal and healthcare services.

The report issued by the Special Salaries Commission consists of the recommendations to remove salary anomalies in the Postal Department as well as in a number of other services and government agencies.

The Cabinet of Ministers, during the Cabinet meeting held on the 12th February, has appointed a Cabinet sub-committee and an officials’ committee to conduct a feasibility study and to implement the recommendations of the report.

Accordingly, the report of the Cabinet sub-committee and the officials’ committee is to be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers soon.

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