Kabir assures a ‘UNP horse’ will enter this presidential race

UNP Chairman Kabir Hashim says that the United National Party’s presidential candidate will be a member of the party and that they will not be fielding a candidate from another party this time.

Responding to questions from reporters following an event in Kegalle, he said that views have been expressed within the party regarding its Presidential Candidate and the party stands ready for the election.

However, he said that there is a procedure which needs to be followed before the party takes a final decision on the matter.

The minister said that the UNP will announce its candidate for the upcoming presidential election carefully, without any urgency and at the correct time. “Everything needs good timing.”

He said that they have no need to compete with the procedure of their opponents. He stated that their “horse” will be running in the front the moment they announce the name.

Asked whether there is a plan to put field a candidate from another party who is new to the UNP, he said there is no such plan. “This time the horse will be a UNP horse,” he said.

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