2019 O/L results released

The results of the 2019 G.C.E. Ordinary Level examination have been released online, according to the Commissioner General of Examinations Sanath B. Pujitha. He said that the results can... Read more »

Nelson Mandela – Fidel Castro – Veluppillai Pirabaharan.

If the strategies are against the will of the western world, any struggle is termed “terrorism”. If the strategies, on the contrary, are aligned with those of the western... Read more »

Biden reagiert auf Trump: “Bitte trinkt kein Bleichmittel”

Der demokratische Anwärter auf das Weiße Haus, Joe Biden (Archivbild) Noch vor einigen Wochen haben Donald Trump und sein Rivale Biden in der Coronakrise miteinander telefoniert. Ob der Demokrat... Read more »

25 Euro für fehlende Maske: Polizei darf ab Samstag strafen

Der Polizei ist es ab Samstag erlaubt Organmandate auszustellen, wenn man gegen die Coronamaßnahmen verstößt. Eine fehlende Mundbedeckung im Supermarkt kostet etwa 25 Euro, andere Vergehen werden mit 50... Read more »

Merkel beschwört Europas Zusammenhalt

Kanzlerin Angela Merkel informiert am Donnerstag nach der Videokonferenz des Europäischen Rats die Presse Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel erwartet in Zeiten der Corona-Krise europäischen Zusammenhalt und Solidarität. Die Pandemie sei... Read more »

Veluppillai Pirabaharan – The first and the last to happen in history

A character like Veluppillai Pirabaharan happens as a rarity in history. Many great revolutionaries, leaders and philosophers of the world will have some kind of a continuity. They would... Read more »

Canada supports communities impacted by COVID-19 outbreak in Sri Lanka

The Government of Canada has provided over CAD $56,000 (approximately 7.5 million LKR) to support Sri Lanka’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic through targeted relief to some of those... Read more »

Ramadan fasting to commence on April 25

The first crescent of the new moon that will herald the start of the Ramadan was not sighted today (23), stated Colombo Grand Mosque. Accordingly, Muslims in Sri Lanka... Read more »

Count goes up to 340 with 3 more coronavirus cases

Three more individuals have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, a short while ago. Ten persons have been confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus from Sri Lanka as... Read more »

Ajith P. Perera on how President’s order dissolving Parliament will become invalid

Opposition political parties have called for the reconvening of the 8th Parliament of Sri Lanka, which had been dissolved by the President, in order to maintain operations and functions... Read more »